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Pla del Bages


Designation of Origin


Designation of Origin Bages was created in 1995; this D.O. is very dynamic and makes lots of activities like: promote its products, makes some activities and Publications related with wine. This DO comprises550 hectaresof vineyard, 10 bottling cellars and 100 vine growers. The average production per year is about 12000 hectolitres.

The wineries of the Pla de Bages offer guided tours, wine tastings and activities to enrich the culture of wine. One of the peculiarities of Bages are tubs and vineyard huts, dry stone constructions that were formerly necessary to farmers to work continuously in the field,  to guard the agricultural tools or to protect themselves from inclement time. Coinciding with the considerable expansion of the cultivation of vines were removed many of these huts, of which about 4,000 are preserved.




Grape varieties most commonly grown are white “Macabeo”, “Picapoll” and “Chardonnay”, as well as red “Tempranillo” (Ull de Llebre), “Cabernet Sauvignon” and “Merlot”. White, rosé and red wines are produced in the area.


Picapoll has been converted in a wine symbol in Bages because is the only place inSpainwhere this grape variety is cultivated.



Vinya del Bages

Geographical Situation


Located in Barcelona Province, the production area for Pla de Bages Designation of Origin is a large erosion basin in the Western part of the Catalan depression, with the shape of an irregular isosceles triangle whose southern apex is the city of Manresa. The Llobregat is the river axis of the region, from North to South for some 40 km.


The region has a Mediterranean climate, with certain features of Continental climate, due to its inner situation and orography. Average annual rainfall ranges from 500 to 600 mm, and the average annual temperature is 13.5ºC.


Barraca de vinya




For wines undergoing ageing by a combined process: wood and bottle. Ageing shall last at least two years, of which a minimum six-month period in wood container with a maximum capacity of 1,000 litres.






Vintage rating


Excelent: 1998 | 2000 | 2011
Very good: 1997 | 1999 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2009 | 2010
Good: 2001 | 2008




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