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Carrer de la Font 38
43737 - Gratallops
Tel: 977054078

Celler de l'abadia is a family affair based in Gratallops, Spain, - heart of the wine region called PRIORAT - owner of a modern estate, and dedicated to the winemaking.

Being friends with some of today's famous "wine pioneers" of the Priorat, Antoni Basté i Garriga took part in the rise of the wine-growing region which led to our first wine production in the late eighties: « Clos Baste Krug 1989»

Later, in 1998, he acquired a vineyard of 11 ha in Gratallops. His sons, Julien and Jeroni, took over in 2001 to 2003 extending the plantations up to 15 hectars with wines of the typical Priorat varieties.

Thus our "business" Celler de l'Abadia was founded, named after the little river that surrounds our vineyards and which the former inhabitants used to call "Torrente de l'Abadia".

In Gratallops, at nr. 28 in the "Carrer Valls" street you'll find an old wooden gate leading to a large terrace on a roof from where you have a breathtaking panoramic view over the Priorat hills and mountains. Here it was that we decided to change the old house (mentioned above) into a wine cellar.

The building has got three floors as follows:  This arrangement makes it possible to work by using "natural gravity" so that we needn't often use mechanical pumps.This saves our wines from unwanted oxidation through unnecessary acceleration.

The original stone walls offer ideal conditions for humidity and the stability of temperature in the cellar which has been carved into the rocks on which Gratallops was built.
Situated between Gratallops and El Lloar our vineyard extends from the upper hills down to the little river bed and is orientated north - south/east with a gap of approximatively 60 meters. We there planted 35000 vines altogether.

We mainly grow the varieties of Grenache, Carignan, Syrah and Cabernet, Mourvedre and Pedro Jimenez. In the cooler northern area there are Grenache blanc and Vionier to be found in inferior quantity.

Our wines either grow on terraced ground in rows of 1,50 meters distance or on slopes , the so-called "Costeros".

All that demands a half mechanical kind of work : to plough the ground we use a small carterpillar tractor - from Italy - but all the remaining work is manual.

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