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Ctra. Montblanc-Barberà T-242 s/n
43422 - Barberà de la Conca
Tel: 977887030
Special place
Our winery is found in Barberà de la Conca, very close to two symbolic places in the history of Catalonia: the fortified town of Montblanc and the monastery of Poblet. This is a land full of history and tradition. Here the Cistercian monks settled, nearly a thousand years ago, with their ideal of finding the way to perfection. Their spirit survives in the souls of our inhabitants and shows in the way that the people here work.

Geologically also it is a very special spot. The soil is rich and balanced, grey and limy, full of special variations, offering the optimum natural qualities for viniculture.

This is the raison d’être of Bodegas Concavins, a pride in the land to which we belong and a working system based on a thousand-year-old tradition, while also using the latest knowledge in the field of winemaking, achieving individual and unique wines, full of sensitivity, good taste and experience.

All these simple ideas, just words, are encapsulated within an infinitely subtle element – such as a good wine or a great memory.
Ideal climate conditions
The area has a climate that is quite unique. The inland part of Barberà de la Conca, where our vineyards are, gets the benefit of some of the soft breezes from the Mediterranean, and also, being surrounded by mountains and traversed by the river Francolí, there is some influence of continental severity during the winter.

This particular situation produces cold winters and hot summers, with balanced rainfall. The large swing between day and night temperatures allows the vines to mature more slowly, with longer cycles, and this forms the aroma of our wines.
The winemaker
Our chief winemaker, Josep Vadrí, received his training in the most far-flung places: France, Australia and Chile. There he learned the most varied traditional secrets as well as the latest trends in the international vanguard.

His obsession is to achieve the subtlest balance between the two tendencies, to unite tradition and innovation so that the final benefit is for the consumer, who can then enjoy a wine well made and exquisite on the palate.

He has gathered around him a very special team of people, drawn from the local area, who have a deep understanding of the land and work with dedication and delicacy in caring for the vines.

All this is to give our wines the best treatment, the quiet and rest that they need to develop well, so that they have that characteristic tone that we can enjoy through the aroma and personality.

A Very Careful Process

At the Clos Montblanc winery we have gone into the tiniest details in developing our cultivation with a view to achieving the optimum yield from the vines, alternating flat land with sloping, sunny with shady, combining altitude and aspect and using both local and foreign varieties to achieve the ideal balance.

Cultivation is carried out with the most modern pruning systems, for example, the espalier and urn, and with meticulous control and care during the growing process and in selection during the harvest, which is done by hand.

Our winery, equipped with high technology, has capacity for 3 million litres of wine, with 34 fermentation tanks, holding up to 750,000 litres, a pneumatic press to transform the grapes into must and two horizontal presses. There are more than a thousand barrels, made from the finest French and American oak.

The map. how to reach us
We have prepared a set of descriptive instructions for you to download at the end of the summarised explanation.

From Tarragona
You have two alternatives from Tarragona. You can take the C-37 to the north in the direction of Montblanc. When you reach Montblanc take the road to Andorra (leaving Montblanc behind) and after a few kilometres you will come to the Igualada-Sarral turnoff. After just over three minutes on this road you will come to the Barberà de la Conca road and, a few metres further on, the Winery. Total journey about 44 kms.

The other alternative is the motorway. Take the AP-7 in the direction of Barcelona. Near El Vendrell take the AP-2 in the direction of Lleida and Zaragoza. Come off the motorway at Exit 22 (Montblanc) and follow the directions to Andorra. From there, follow the instructions for the C-37.

From Barcelona
Take the A-2 motorway. At Exit 10, take the TP-2311 in the direction of Andorra (leaving Montblanc behind). After about two kilometres you will come to the Barberà de la Conca road, and a few metres further on, the Winery. Total journey about 105 kms.

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